What is different about Biodynamic Massage

  • You can be fully or partially clothed – no need to undress unless you feel comfortable.
  • Your gut reactions are listened to as part of your ‘unconscious’ or autonomous nervous system (ANS) feedback, primarily as guidance for me throughout the massage session
  • No oils used, giving direct contact
  • Paradoxical – light touch yet deeply soothing and relaxing
  • There’s no set routine- it is completely personalised for your body.

How people describe Biodynamic Massage Therapy

‘It is not like a regular massage. It is not about the strokes. It is not a muscular thing. I would describe it as a deep connection with what’s going on’.

‘It is a lot more than a normal massage. The massage touches on a lot of things about the way I am through the spots and areas that are contacted.’

‘It is hard to for me to talk about it as a massage because it is not like a regular massage at all. To me, it is closer to holistic healing…or even better, like reflexology but all over the body – in that it is like clearing pathways.’

Brief History

Biodynamic Massage Therapy was developed by a Norwegian, Gerda Boyesen, who was initially trained as a physiotherapist but later became a body psychotherapist. She connected physiological, emotional and psychological symptoms as interconnected elements. The synthesis of these three strands became ‘biodynamic psychology’ which consists of biodynamic massage therapy and biodynamic body-psychotherapy. In her work, she noticed when fluids were released, she often heard noises from the gut. This led her to combine her techniques with peristaltic sounds which she called ‘psycho-peristalsis’.

Recent research in neuroscience, psychoneuroimmunology (PNI)/ psychoendoneuroimmunology (PENI) and gut science have described the gut being regarded as ‘The Second Brain’ and the brain-gut connection playing a central role in IBS. This research make Gerda’s ideas and the Biodynamic way of working an extremely contemporary and highly relevant approach to modern-day living.

For more information on the techniques available to me here’s a link to Association of Biodynamic Massage Therapy (ABMT) website