If you are interested in mindfulness practices, know something about mindfulness, or are a meditation or regular practitioner, Biodynamic Massage Therapy is a great way to complement and enhance your practices. Particular to Biodynamic Massage is the absence of a set routine, which places a greater emphasis on both intent and contact from therapist. In this sense, as a Biodynamic Massage Therapist, each time I am working, I am engaging in mindfulness practice.

This means that you can be gently held and facilitated as you come home to your body and to your inner space. For mindfulness practitioners, Biodynamic Massage Therapy can be used to increase your body-mind awareness and to connect with breathwork. Over time, the patterns and themes that emerge could be taken into contemplative practices if desired.

You may also find your peristaltic sounds themselves to be a rich and surprising source for your mindfulness practice.