Insomnia/ Sleep Problem/ Trouble sleeping

‘I know I should be sleeping- I look at the clock, I try to sleep- but my mind was racing…’ The result of lack of sleep can be lack of energy, lack of concentration and mood swings. In the long term, lack of sleep can negatively affect our immune system and cell regeneration.

Biodynamic Massage creates an ideal space for you to let everything drop away and begin the winding-down process.

In a recent conversation with an Osteopath I was surprised to hear that as many as one in two people suffer from insomnia. Whatever the cause, there is nothing quite like knowing you should be sleeping that guarantees you can’t!

From a Biodynamic perspective, sleep problems indicate that your system is unable to wind down sufficiently; this is why sleep problems often go hand-in-hand with stress. Even when we are not obviously stressed out, in our 24/7 way of living, many of us are unable to fully switch off. In some cases, after a stressful day, some of us rely on alcohol or comfort eating or exercise or medication to get to sleep. How Biodynamic Massage Therapy can help is by providing a safe, contained and calm place and sensitive tuning-in to your body, your system is supported to let go and relax. In contrast with other more dynamic massage methods, the Biodynamic approach is exceptionally effective in its ability to bring about calmness by keeping the movements slow and soothing.

The more pressurised or demanding your work and life, the more likely that your days become very long days. When we have long days and over-stimulated lives, we forget our bodies actually need a period of winding down or downtime before we are ready for sleep. A period of quietening down signals to our body that action is over, and we don’t need to be on alert anymore. The emergency is over! Having a Biodynamic Massage session is more effective than an extra helping of food or alcohol. Why? Loading our bodies with food and alcohol puts additional processing demands on our body-system- this is extra burden for a system that is tired and over-worked!