What is Biodynamic Massage Therapy?

Biodynamic Massage Therapy is a holistic and personalised massage that addresses both body and mind. We use a range of nine techniques individually or in combination to provide what your body needs at any particular time. Each technique has a different objective, and can be applied at different depths and strength depending on what is needed. As a Biodynamic massage therapist, my overall intention is to help your body to:

  • Restore and revive if you are feeling stressed, exhausted or unable to relax or rest
  • Reconnect with your energy and flow if you are feeling flat or disconnected
  • Revive and be reinvigorated if you are feeling flat or dull
  • Feel supported if you are feeling overworked or overextended
  • Re-integrate if you need more joined-up thoughts, feelings and actions
  • Reawaken your awareness of yourself in your primary home – your body.

As massage therapists, our primary communication is with your body. But we are also interested in your body-mind connection and in particular, how your body deals with thoughts, emotions and experiences as life unfolds.

Biodynamic massage is a therapeutic intervention because it is working with your body in a deeper way than regular massages. For people who are more technically minded, we are working with your autonomic nervous system (ANS). Some of our techniques are specifically intended for the sympathetic branch (taking action) of the ANS while others are intended for the parasympathetic branch (resting and digesting) of the ANS.

Biodynamic Massage Therapy is now available in Staines and Central London, making it accessible to people from Surrey, Middlesex, Heathrow, London and Berkshire.

The sympathetic and parasympathetic systems can be understood as a charge and discharge cycle:

Stuckness in parts of the cycle can be experienced in the following ways:

  • Stressed
  • Flat
  • Lacking energy
  • Mind is racing but body is tired or lacking in energy
  • Having to drag my body out of bed
  • Light sleep
  • Disjointed sleep
  • Agitated
  • Worked up
  • Exhausted
  • Injuries – back pain, trips and falls, stiff neck, numbness