What to expect

Your first session

Your first session with me at my Copperbeech practice in Staines or the Gestalt Center in Central London will involve the completion of a general questionnaire for 15 minutes. We will have a personalised biodynamic massage for 35-40 minutes. After your massage, we will have a talk about it and see how the massage was for you. It is important to develop a good working relationship, so that the massage is in tune with you.

After the initial session, subsequent massages will typically be slightly longer as we will not need to complete the questionnaire again (unless there are significant changes which require your record to be updated).

Typical timing per session

After your first session, a typical session will be 60 minutes, which will normally consist of:

  • 5-10 minutes ‘check-in’ to see how you are and to establish the kind of massage you need for the session;
  • 40-55 minutes of personalised biodynamic massage; and
  • 5-10 minutes rest.

At the end of your 60-minute session, if you feel you need to take an extra few minutes to sit and have a drink of water then you are more than welcome to do so in the reception area. The Copperbeech practise in Staines is welcoming and tranquil. At the Gestalt Center in Central London, there is a general reception area with complementary water and hot drinks.

Personalised therapeutic massage

A distinctive feature of Biodynamic Massage Therapy is the lack of set routines or steps to follow. This means I am free to put together a massage that responds to your body on the day. This can be both releasing and surprising for people as most people are more used to knowing exactly how a massage goes or how a massage should be. Over time, as you get more used to this way of working, you will understand that Biodynamic Massage Therapy is a personal and deep way of renewal.

All this is available within striking distance of Surrey, Middlesex, London and Berkshire. Your personalised massage therapy for stress-relief, recovery and well-being is both accessible and affordable. Biodynamic Massage Therapy in Staines is something you would normally find in London only, it is in a beautiful place without the hassle of London!

The practice in London is central with easy access by train or tube and provides a quiet space for recovery and renewal from the stresses and strains of living and working in the metropolis.