How I work

The Biodynamic way of working allows me to personalise a massage for you according to what you and your body need. The personalised massage usually involves one of a range of techniques or a combination from a range of nine techniques designed to invigorate, redistribute or calm. It is possible that different parts of your body require different techniques. It is also possible that your body will need something different from session to session.

You can be fully or partially dressed – whatever is most comfortable for you. We do not use any oil in Biodynamic massage and contact is either directly onto skin or through clothes.

I will also be using a stethoscope attached to a small speaker to listen to your tummy rumblings. In Biodynamic language this is called ‘psycho-peristalsis’. I would describe it as your ‘gut reactions’ to the massage as it progresses. It is an effective form of feedback and it helps me gauge and tailor my work as your session progresses. Some people – like me – love to listen to peristaltic sounds! The sounds often remind me of nature.

The level of contact can range from very light to deep and could differ throughout the massage, and also from session to session. Even if the massage is very light touch, do not be deceived – the impact is often registered by your body and felt for a number of days afterwards.

Psycho-peristalsis/ rumblings/ gut sounds

In case you are wondering what sounds come out of the stethoscope this is a short recording:

Why Staines and London?

I have chosen to place my practice in Staines for a number of reasons:

• Easy access from Surrey, Middlesex, Heathrow, London and Berkshire by road and rail
• A tranquil and peaceful setting with car-parking around the property
• A handcrafted, specially designed wooden cabin that offers a beautiful, restful as well as functional space

Locating the London Practice at the Gestalt Center within 8 minutes walk from Kingscross/ St Pancras provides convenient access for people working and living in London. The Gestalt Center is a quiet therapeutic location and shares common ground with the core principles of Biodynamic work.

Comments after a Biodynamic Massage session

‘I feel light as a feather’

‘I feel completely aligned – I am moving effortlessly – like everything is perfectly aligned – I am like walking on air’

‘I feel very light and bright’

‘I feel really relaxed – I am ready to go to sleep!’

‘ I really started to completely relax and sink in’

‘When I was with X this afternoon, she was really energised and walked everywhere – much brighter than she’s been for a long while.’

‘It is really extraordinary.’

‘Incredibly relaxing and invigorating and left me in touch with my body.’