I am writing this blog from the Garden Clinic. It’s the last Friday before Christmas and it is extra quiet in here. Most people are either in their last-minute dash round the shops or winding down for Christmas. I can feel our collective energies ready for the downward flow as we head toward Christmas and towards the end of the year. Just like the solstice, it seems incredible that even though we are only just entering winter, we have already passed the longest darkest day and each day from now, we will be getting more light. So it is with Christmas- it seems incredible that with THE day approaching, we are, at once, about to enter the day of The meal and a slowing down period. I think it is important for us to take the opportunity between Christmas and the end of the year to reconnect with ourselves, breathe, slow-down, take stock of where we have been and who we are becoming so we can emerge with greater clarity and light.