I was reminded of ‘service’ and ‘giving’ at the tail-end of Desert Island Disc’s interview with Dr. Kevin Fong.

We use the word ‘doing’ quite a lot and I think society tends to place a lot of value on action. We seldom equate giving as part of our doing yet giving is often contained within our doing- whether we are conscious of it or not. Realising what we are giving and being more aware of how our giving impacts on us could provide an early signal in our wellbeing as to whether we are giving too much or not enough. Giving and receiving form a fundamental cycle of energy exchange. Giving too much, not feeling we are able to contribute and being asked to give in a way that doesn’t feel right- all have a net effect of leaving us feeling drained and depleted. Equally, not allowing ourselves to be given to or not being able to receive the nourishment we actually need will also result in the tank running dry. So being mindful of our giving might be an effective way of maintaining balance:

What am I giving in this situation?
How much of myself am I giving?
How do I get replenished?
How much of the replenishment/ nourishment that is offered to me is what I actually need?